Latest updates

  • February 2023:
    Steering group meeting #2
    The second steering group meeting on February 28th has discussed the ambition document. Further updates pending the approval of the meeting report.

  • November 2022:
    Steering group meeting #1
    The first steering group meeting on November 29th has approved the phasing of the project, the organization and FFA’s plan of approach for the upcoming months.

  • September 2022:
    Fast Forward Architects and Engineers are selected as the housing consultant.
    FFA (Brussels) is the firm that will draft the Functional and spatial program of demands. The final draft of the program is estimated for May/June 2023.

  • April 2022:
    Official start of development of the new school
    The ministry of Education, Culture and Science has appointed a delegated client (DC) for the project. The DC will represent the minister of Primary Education during the development process. With this appointment, the project has officially started.

  • December 2021 / January 2022:
    The new site has been chosen: Alkmaar!
    Alkmaar wins the bid book. bid book can be viewed here.
    Press release here.

  • January / April 2021:
    The municipality of Alkmaar (and one other municipality) has submitted the bid book.
    Press release 1 here.
    Press release 2 here.