The choice for the building site is the result of a bid book process and located close to Station Alkmaar Noord. You can see it here or on google maps.

Currently, an exact planning is not possible to make. Many dependent and independent developments and subprocesses may influence the timetable (e.g., the Dutch building market, CO2/N2 discussions). A delivery date and a move date will therefore only follow when there is more clarity and certainty. We expect to be able to announce more about this only after the permit procedure and tender for the construction.

The school will be built under the supervision of the Dutch Governmental Real Estate Agency and is considered a governmental building. Therefore, the public tender rules apply. The future building is owned by Dutch Government.

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Both child day care and after-school-care re very important to the parents for ease of daily logistics between home, school and workplace. Both however are private businesses and therefore are not part of the project. However, both Dutch Government and the Municipality of Alkmaar together will inform and stimulate market parties who may be willing to realize these facilities close by.

If you are a parent, teacher, employee or student, please contact your corresponding representative.

The images in the bid book are actually artists’ impressions, for the purpose of showing what a new school building could look like and selecting a plot. The ‘design’ was based on general assumptions at that time combined with input from the parents.

What could be retrieved at this time, either orally or on paper, has been considered.

The whole process can be broken down in two main blocks: a development and realization. Both blocks can be broken down in several phases.

In the current definition phase, roughly the program of demands is developed, as well as the urban planning, the architectural design and the tender.

In this phase, the main and subcontractors construct the new school building. It is followed by delivery phase.

The next step is the actual designing of the building. This means an architect will be selected and starts designing based on the program of demands, again with input of / in cooperation with the end users.